Thursday, 14 February 2013


Some joyfully remember those simple days
Others just wish for someone to take their adult years away
They say that hard work and labor repay
But can't be compared to a careless child's play

For me, childhood is everything but simple
For I am not attracted to simple
And I did adore those times
I miss the world where everything rhymes

For me, life is simple now
You work, sleep, have family, then you die
As an old man who have seen it all
Who have done it all
And there is nothing else to explore
When you die full of life
Like Job or Abraham,
Or other heroes of the past time

Isn't that simple, having defined it all
Isn't that where adulthood is going after all
Isn't it compared to a Fall
When all colors have vanished the Earth
And have taken with them all the mirth
All shades of grey, can they be worth
Of a rainbow of childhood that begins at birth
Curiosity, exploration of truth
Which seemed so far away to conceive
So complicated, yet so beautiful
Which only imagination can exceed

It was life of all the shades of yellow, blue and red
Purple, brown and even gray
And as we discover all the colors
And there's nothing new to say
Our skin gets pierced by archers
Of adulthood, hence the grey
'Cause all the colors are one
It is all just the light
Having it's way with our mind
So what's there left to find?

Some remember with great joy of those simple days
But i remember only complexity of it's ways
And so my heart prays
To observe things, once again, with a childish gaze

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