Saturday, 2 March 2013

When They Come

Life is a very funny thing
It is a dance of paradise and hell
There is so much I need to tell
I don't even know where to begin
I just want to climb a cliff and yell

We were never explained
That it is so innocent and simple
To fall in love
And it is so cheap and worthless to lose what's made
Nobody told us when we were children
Our teachers failed
In our bedtime stories we were never warned
Of the power of memories, of their sword
As everything comes and everything goes
The power of memories follows
Because we fell in love when they came
And were torn apart when they came way

Life is a very funny thing
We watch things we love the most getting old
And coming to pass
It is in the heart of the worst drunkard
That it is a matter of moment
When they will come for her

We are so unlucky
Because we were all born of this Earth
Where happiness is as light as a feather
And so out of this world
Sometimes it seems like we were born to hurt
And we fight our best friends for her
Leaving them behind in dirt

Life is a very funny thing
Because even when we get what we want
Breaking all the rules and stabbing all the knives
We know that in our hands lays a feather
That some day they will come for her

So when you get her, enjoy her, turn the music and sing
Because it's a matter of moment when will they come
For life is a very funny thing

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