Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hunt My History

I dreamed again last night
And again, I can't put my finger on it
But what a strange feeling did it ignite
And again, it only left me more confused

I dreamed about my home again
About my parents, about our old place
When I close my eyes, my heart always rushes back there
Searching for something lost, for a face or a place
Or finishing some unfinished affair
Or saying something that should have been said
Seeking unknown joy or trying to ease a strange despair

I dreamed about my schoolyard again
About my friends, about our game
And again, I woke up too soon
Just when we were all together I heard a familiar tune
And again, I was back where I am now
And what my heart resents about where I am now
About what I am now
Continues to be a mystery
And I know that tonight
When it's all done, when my daily fight
Comes to an end
I know that it will come back
Rushing to our old place
To hunt my history

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