Thursday, 14 February 2013


She is warm in a simple way
She can be hostile to others
But to me she is warm in a simple way
And that is what matters

There are many turns a human heart can take
Her heart decided to go straight to me
She always knew what will take
To make her happy
It was always me

And although she is scared a lot
And although she often carries too much
She would never use the fear to distance herself
To take away her lot
To take away her touch

She is strong
But not a kind of strength that would make the headlines
Not a kind of strength that draws many words
Her power is persistent, even long
It is underrated at the beginning, but in time conquers worlds

She is mine
And that's her favorite part
Because I can see a light bolt dashing her heart
When I tell her she's mine
And altogether, looking at nows and laters
That is what matters

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