Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pretty Blue

Over the rainbow
The sky is pretty blue
But it's not a sort of place
 You'd be moving to
For a moment there you would fly away
From you sorrows, would you?
Although it's quite a sight
Air is light
And you'd fall right through

An intense rush going through your blood
 Through your veins and through your streams
Like a rainy season near the river
Flooding all your shattered dreams
Water going
 And overflowing
It's Venice, or at least it seems
But when the flood is gone
 Ruins are shown
 Emptiness appears

And you, my love
 When you are gone
 The rainbow disappears
It stays up high
But I fall down
Landing on flood-ruined streets
Stay for a while
 I'll be flying high
Don't ask why
Make me feel alive

Gardens filled with flowers
On this road to Mandalay
Smiling faces going places
 But for you are here to stay
I feel a summer breeze gently on my skin
when I hear you say
I am always yours, and all because
you came into my life

And you, my love
 When you are gone
 The rainbow disappears

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