Thursday, 14 February 2013

Your Image

Show me your love, I really need to learn
How to avoid ways of trying to earn
The present that has been given to me
Please, Father, never stop showing me
How it was our foe that kept shoving me
It was not your love that kept hurting me

Father, I didn't know, someone has lied
As you do understand, you know it well
Among us your shiny image has died
It's absence has orchestrated flames of hell

We desperately need to learn who you are
We manipulated - we went too far
Playing games we thought you were playing too
Breaking all the rules and having no clue
Of our pain, of what we are going through
Scared, running in your probing jar

It makes me angry - I know it's not good
But I honestly do not know what would
I do if I saw liers on the street
Clothed with respect, dignified and neat
My feet would be so quick to make them eat
All their words...their soul's laying on a tilt

Father, forgive me for clearly hating
My heart is always lagging
Behind Yours

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