Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Game

Lying in an old cradle cramped up
My eyes were slowly opening to the world
I was awaken by a cold drop
From a puddle being stamped on by a horde

My legs felt mighty strong so I stand up
As the morning sun's flares were probing me
With few clumsy steps, looking like a flop
I approached a window right next to me

As I put my foot on a chair in front of it
And lifted my head I was bathed in the sun
That shined with stunning purity, but underneath
The servant of beauty I saw a pulchritude run

My eyes were flickering, going left to right
Capturing this moment as in front of them were portraits
Of them ancient heroes, warriors of might
Pillaging with demeanor and solid as a fortress

First I chuckled in flattering amazement
Then my hands began to clap on their own
Glorifying the play on a hot pavement
But my glee was brief as I heard a moan

As my point of view shifted away from mighty warriors
Voices of the meek were growing stronger
Their pain wispered the truth - this is not a play, these are horrors
I couldn't observe it any longer

Suddenly, as my first tear dropped on the ground
Its texture changed, became stiffer and rugged
I looked around - walls were nowhere to be found
I entered the street, ready and cold-blooded

Following the vigorous I started to ravage
As i fought my way to a foreshadowed downtown
A drop in a river of thousands and a savage
On a holy quest for a scepter and a crown

This vantage site that prophets depicted
Seemed untrue, it was something I never saw
And when I lost my vigor, others lifted
My spirit, and once again I was in awe

My doubts returned, I heard them crying shouts again
Yet a horde's roar was uplifting and strong
I could still hear their bitter pleading loud and plain
But the luring roar made me play along

Flying over a lump I lost my medallion
I looked down and noticed my chariot of glister
Being pulled by a couple of pacy stallions
Heard my name along the way through cheers by a muster

They were thousand of thousands exulting from corners of a historic arena
With a flavor of divine on my lips I felt a kiss of the goddess Athena
In this epic battle of legends the ecstatic crowd sang a chorus of my song
I looked back at my horses, but to my horror they appeared to be a sorrowful throng

Their voices ripped my ears, and I came to know all my maneuvers were left-sided
There was no destination, just a circle of glory and craft for the blinded
I saw slaves that day, too many of them, pulling the game
They were poor men, women and children, ill-stricken and lame

There were more of them than us, more of them then in a cheering crowd
I looked down at their lips and heard that sound again, so sharp and loud
Their eyes were so lifeless, like they never behold or hoped
They ran for days and nights, limping and hoppling restless, roped

I lost my vigor, I lost my strength, I lost my awe
Suddenly, I found myself being struck by a sword
Chorus began to fade away, hence a final chord
I tasted soil, above me was a horseman, a lord

I moved my head up, sensing death's approaching seal
While he shouted: If you desire mercy, kneel
I looked at him as his eyes became glory's fill
The crowd exploded in an outcry: kill, kill, kill!

In an essay to move, I felt there's no strength in me
I ought to lift myself, I ought to rest on my knees
My spirit was alive from fear but my body was broken
I saw a shadow of the horsemen move, it was the token

I was struck by the blade
And my scabbard was empty
And suddenly there was no more raid
No difference between the week and the crafty

There was a sudden flash and I slowly opened my eyes
My surrounding was blurry and vague and I was crouched
Only a whit of a light, the sun was about to rise
I entertained a feeling I was about to be touched

Surprisingly, I wasn't alone anymore
I was brimming with an urge to flutter and roll
My hands were trembling, I entered the spirit of utmost happiness
Beside me laid a pair of eyes of profound beauty and tenderness

I was bathed in light much more glorious then suns
It was fading away...again, I noticed the runs
The window, the street and the pavement's play
Again, they were served to me on a tray

As ground began to rasp my skin
I heard the rumble, saw the scene
Again, I felt that luring trill
But those eyes...
I stand in awe treasuring their hunger and savouring my fill

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