Sunday, 17 February 2013


I dream about this again and again
I dream about this at all times
I dream about a great crowd
Of women and men
In their primes
Crowd of joyful family and friends proud
Of a place where we're all together
Where there's one spirit
Where we're all one
With no conditions or merit

I dream about this again and again
About the preparations
For that moment we've all been waiting for
About all of us coming together
About us walking in a single lane
To be all one

I dream about our little world of harmony
About a place where we're all...
Where we're all happy
Where we innocently laugh at actors
And where we don't do what pleases others
But where we are what pleases others
And where other always want the best for us

Enter my dream if you wish
We accept a black soul
We accept a white saint
And a heart of blue
My dream is real and there is always room for one more
There is a place for you
If you like
Join us, let us all be one

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