Monday, 18 February 2013

The Loudest of All Yellers

Our world, our only home
Has changed its feathers
But it became an utterly different bird too
Hoovering over universe 's domes
The loudest of all yellers

With its fierce hawk eyes
And claws clenched for a strike
It couldn't really catch any pray
For when danger's on the rise
Scared to death
It shies away
From any real fight

Wings that are carrying our days
Are wings of a queer bird
Of disheleved and thin plumage
A quizzical detail of a funny looking image
Seeing that it avoided skirmishes from its birth

Ask anyone from its flock
They know chronicles of this creature
They would tell you stories of the proud flyer
With flying capacities of a rock

In the quietest of conversations
You would hear the story of a genius
With clumsy thoughts and skilful words

Taking itself much too serious

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